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Food Education Conference, Caring Cooks



1st March 2018 9am - 2pm

Highlands College, Concert Hall

Speakers and topics

Tim Baker, Headteacher Charlton Manor Primary School - Long term effects of childhood ill health on our future workforce and the ritual of eating well and together on mental wellbeing.

Myles Bremner, Bremner Consulting - School Food Plan - transforming food culture within schools.

Olivier Blanc - Henri Le Worm Connecting children with food and nature.

Adam Turner, Headteacher, St Lukes Primary School - Working with Caring Cooks to build a food ethos.

Hillary Piggot, Charlton Manor Primary School - Bringing the curriculum and learning outdoors.

Tickets cost £25 Visit www.caringcooksofjersey.com for more details.

Together we can empower children and young people in Jersey to grow, cook and eat healthy food in childhood and beyond - because the health of our Children is everyone@s Business.