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Volunteer Ambassador

Want to join our team of Volunteering Ambassadors?

We are launching our Ambassadors Project in response to requests from organisations to attend events and give talks or chat to clients about the benefits of volunteering.

Our Volunteer Ambassadors will be people of all ages, from a wide range of backgrounds, who are passionate about volunteering, have voluntary experience in different settings and can talk to a wide range of people about how they could get involved. 

Talks cover topics such as:

  • The basic of what volunteering is and what to expect
  • How volunteering can benefit people socially, mentally and physically
  • How volunteering can increase employability 
  • Details of how to register with us to search for volunteer opportunities

If you love volunteering and would like to encourage other people to volunteer too, then you could be an Ambassador.

If you are interested please contact help@volunteer.je or call 483405.