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Volunteer.je is funded and operated by The Bosdet Foundation for the benefit of Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) and the people of Jersey.

The Bosdet Foundation is a local charity set up to help people in need, using profits from its trading arm Les Ormes, which has self-catering and leisure facilities in St Brelade.

The foundation annually distributes money back into the community and takes a proactive role in supporting charities, sports clubs and other local community groups on the Island. 

Volunteer.je main aims are to help charities and other NPOs save on their spending and to help find volunteers to undertake the great work that they do.

It provides a free gateway for NPOs to get their needs out there, especially the smaller ones, to effectively be seen in the community.

If you’re a potential volunteer, the site should save you time in trying to find the right volunteer opportunity that suits your interests, skills and time that you have available. You no longer have to contact numerous charities; once you have registered your details and interests, NPOs will contact you or you may search for opportunities on the site.

Volunteer.je does not seek to cover all aspects of being a charity or NPO in Jersey. The Jersey Association of Charities, whilst a member’s organisation, has a useful website with wider charity information - www.jerseycharities.org.

If you are a volunteer or organisation and you need help using the database please contact the volunteer team help@volunteer.je or call 483405.

If you have further questions about the Bosdet Foundation please contact Mike Graham, General Manager, mike@lesormesjersey.co.uk or call 497002.