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Why volunteer?


Volunteer.je has been connecting Jersey's charitable organisations with willing volunteers since 2016. Volunteering benefits everyone, it supports our community and it also benefits you the volunteer - you'll have the satisfaction of making a difference to people's lives and our community.

During the months of lockdown, volunteers were the heroes who helped deliver cooked meals, grocery shopping and prescriptions to the most vulnerable. Thank you.

As we move through 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect our Island and charitable organisations are struggling through lack of funds to maintain service to those in need. They need your help - whether it's just an hour a month or an hour a week, there are many volunteering roles to help support those who are offering support to others. 


Helpful videos for organisations: 

Guidance on registering an organisation; https://youtu.be/ILHWE5PSUeM 

Guidance for organisations on adding volunteer roles; https://youtu.be/x0g68wNpdhA


Despite the coronavirus pandemic Islanders have been eager to help wherever and however they can.
To those actively volunteering helping vulnerable Islanders, and the hundreds that are on the register waiting to see where they can be of use, we THANK YOU.

About volunteer.je

Volunteer.je is funded and operated by The Bosdet Foundation for the benefit of non-profit organisations and the people of Jersey. 

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