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COVID-19 Emergency Number: 01534 445566

If you require help during this difficult time please ring the Covid-19 emergency number: 01534 445566

We all want to help, but it has to be the right sort of help. Covid-19 Response Jersey will be coordinating all offers of help to ensure the correct protocols are implemented and the right help is going to those who desperately need it without putting anyone at risk.

Now is the time to come forward... click on the 'I want to volunteer' button above to register.

Volunteers please complete the online forms carefully so we can use your skills in the best way possible.

Guidance on registering as a volunteer;

Guidance on registering an organisation; https://youtu.be/ILHWE5PSUeM 

Guidance for organisations on adding volunteer roles; https://youtu.be/x0g68wNpdhA





Despite the coronavirus pandemic Islanders have been eager to help wherever and however they can.
To those actively volunteering helping vulnerable Islanders, and the hundreds that are on the register waiting to see where they can be of use, we THANK YOU.

About volunteer.je

COVID-19 Response Jersey is part of Volunteer.je which is funded and operated by the Bosdet Foundation, a local charity with the purpose of helping people here in Jersey. 

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