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Every Child Our Future


Children are taught phonics in the classroom, but it can be difficult for some to move on to become fluent and independent readers. ECOF volunteers provide extra support and practice for these children to help improve their reading ability and confidence. ECOF also delivers a numeracy support programme.

'It’s a great experience to see the spark in a child’s eyes when they succeed – what a privilege to be helping children get to this point’. Vanessa Kruger, Manager, Deloitte LLP

‘I have really enjoyed helping the children with their reading over the past few years, it is a pleasure spending time with them. Seeing their skills develop over the school year is so rewarding.’ Julie Mesney, community volunteer

‘It is so rewarding watching the children improve across the school year. It is great to be a part of knowing that you have made a difference.’ Christa Roberts, Hawksford