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Looking for Volunteers

We can HELP

Simply place your volunteering opportunities on volunteer.je. It's free! Potential volunteers can then explore your opportunities and express an interest if it's right for them.

This will help you:

  • Find people more quickly and effectively
  • Have more appropriate applications
  • Spread the word about your organisation
  • Save on advertising costs

How to register your organisation

We have a two stage process: first, a main point of contact should register as an individual. Then, they will be directed to a second page where they can enter the organisation's details.

This will only take about five minutes to complete. 


Once an organisation is registered, any other individuals within the organisation can register on the site and link themselves to the organisation. This allows large organisations to have multiple users adding roles and opportunities.

The system will not allow duplication of roles, so even if by mistake two individuals try to put up the same role, we will pick it up and let you know before going live.