Let's help.

What is volunteering?

Volunteering is when you give your time to help an organisation or an individual to whom you are not related. For example, if you have ever helped out at a sports event, a school fair or taken part in a sponsored walk, you've been a volunteer.

Volunteering should never be something you are made to do and is not done for financial gain. The rewards are about the satisfaction of putting something back into our community, about gaining useful experience and skills, meeting new people and hopefully having fun!

What should I expect as a volunteer?

  • A clear outline of what is expected of you - this is usually in the form of a written ‘task profile’
  • Training and guidance on your role
  • Support or supervision from a paid member of staff, or in smaller organisations and groups from an experienced volunteer
  • To be safe and covered by insurance to carry out the tasks you’ve been given
  • To be made aware of the organisation’s policies and procedures, including who you should talk to if you are unhappy
  • To feel valued by the organisation and able to contribute to its development

Most people who volunteer love it; please let us know about your volunteer story so we can tell others and the group you helped. This will grow the whole volunteer culture helping to make us a happier and better community.

We do our very best to ensure people have a good volunteer experience.