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Bronwen: A volunteer's story


I volunteer with… Jersey Hospice Care

My name is Bronwen Le Brun. I am involved on a day-to-day basis with our family business at Les Mielles Golf and Country Club in St Ouen’s Bay.

Where are you based?

I used to volunteer in the day centre at Jersey Hospice Care at Clarkson House, a couple of days a month. Now I volunteer in the St Ouen retail shop run by Jersey Hospice, once a week.

What do you do there?

It varies, dependent upon which other volunteers may be there on a particular day - sometimes I’m on the till others I’ll deal with phone messages and calls in the office regarding furniture deliveries and collections and other queries.

Occasionally I might work in the furniture department, helping customers find whatever piece of furniture they might be looking for. I might do some sorting of donations, including clothes, linen, or bric-a-brac, and label and price items up ready for sale in the shop - another task might be to put items out in the shop on display.

Why did you start volunteering?

I have lost family members and friends to cancer and some of them have spent some time in the loving care of Clarkson House. They do such a wonderful caring job at Jersey Hospice caring for people who need palliative care, and they also help and reassure their families who are also going through a tough time when this happens, so I decided to volunteer for them to give something back.

What do you enjoy most about it?

I enjoy the change of scenery, it gets me out of my office and business once a week, there is always something different going on in the shop, you never know what someone is going to bring up to the shop as a donation on any particular day, it is interesting and varied place to volunteer and there is a really nice, friendly bunch of volunteers of all ages who make working there fun.

What would you say to someone who was considering volunteering?

If you have just a morning or afternoon once a week to spare, give it a try! It is very rewarding, you meet new people, make new friends and it makes you feel that you are giving something back. There are plenty of areas to choose from - different tasks to do, depending upon what you like to do or perhaps are good at, give them a call, they’ll appreciate you offering to help.