Let's help.

Citizen's Advice Bureau


'I was starting retirement and wanted to become a volunteer. It was a means of still feeling able to work and gain satisfaction. Volunteering is a worthwhile experience and so much can be gained not just from the work but friendships and being part of a team. It was initially a learning curve but it has widened my horizons in many ways and I am pleased that I decided to become a volunteer.'

Jean Le Feuvre


'On retiring I wanted to continue to develop and use my skills. I am a General Advisor, which means I have a basic knowledge on most subjects or I know where to look for the knowledge and advice accordingly. Otherwise, I can direct clients as to where to go for professional support.  

'Don't hesitate to offer your help. Volunteering is a good opportunity to use and develop new skills. It's a great chance to meet new people and to help others. I thoroughly enjoy volunteering; it has broadened my outlook and it is humbling at times but also very fulfilling.  

Charlotte Linney


'I was prompted to volunteer by a desire to use my experience to help those unable to afford professional help. I enjoy solving problems and it's great to think you can help people by drawing on your own life experience. If you are in a position to help, try it! Everyone has something to offer.'

Stephen Whale