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Liam's Story


 Liam volunteers with the Jersey Aquatic Rescue Club as their vice chairman, and Jersey Youth Service as a Youth Worker.  

I started volunteering as I enjoyed helping others and wanted to gain experience in working with all ages. I’ve got to understand different peoples backgrounds and learned how to deal with difficult situations that can occur. I have also enjoyed helping others learn new skills and grow as individuals 

What I love as a volunteer is when you have set a task and you see everyone getting involved, watching them having fun and trying to either win the game or figure out what to do. 

Some people say it must be so boring being a volunteer and you must get so sick of looking after people. But it is completely the opposite, it’s very enjoyable and you get to meet some amazing characters. It can also be challenging at times but that’s something that you can learn to overcome as your role continues to grow. 

‘If you are curious about volunteering just try it, there are loads of ways that you can volunteer, and some may not suit you but others you might find are just what you are after.’