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Louise's Story


Louise Macleod   

Committee member (trustee)  Family Nursing & Home Care


I have recently given up work to focus on my young family, but as a teacher, I really felt passionately that I wanted to continue to work as part of the community. Having recently benefitted from the care of Family Nursing and Home Care’s services I couldn’t think of a better organisation to volunteer with, as their reach covers all aspects of the community across the Island, from pre-birth to end of life.  

As well as being on the committee, as Family Nursing and Home Care is such a diverse organisation there are also plenty of opportunities to muck in, particularly around fundraising for our charitable services. For example, last year I helped out at our annual FNHC Colour Run.

I’ve loved the network of great people I’ve met.The committee is made up of volunteers from many different backgrounds and it’s been my pleasure to get to know them.  It is hugely interesting to work in such a diverse organisation. From the not for profit homecare business, child and family services, district nurses etc. the list of work is extensive. It has been a great way to keep my mind active and engaged. 

I have been surprised by how passionate I have become about the organisation and how passionate the volunteers I work with are also. Once you begin to put the work in and see the benefits, it drives you to want to do even more. 

The biggest myth is that it takes lots of time and input to make any difference. When in reality any small thing you can do has an impact. Even a couple of hours of your time can help - there is always something that can be achieved. 

My advice to anyone thinking about volunteering would be to absolutely go for it! Any small thing you can do will help and you will be surprised at how much you will enjoy it.