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Sue's Story


Sue Kett

Volunteers for League of Friends run the café and ward trolley at the General Hospital and through that, raise funds for much needed medical equipment and useful items that the Government of Jersey does not budget for.

Sue is the longest serving volunteer in League of Friends having joined when they first set up in 1978.

‘I was a ‘stay-at-home Mum and when the children grew up, I looked around for something to fill my spare time. My friend was a nurse and mentioned this new initiative so I went along. In those days you had to have an interview – it was all very formal!’

‘I do four shifts per week normally but, like today, when someone else can’t make it – I do a double shift. I don’t mind as it gets me up and out and there is a great atmosphere here. We have our regular customers who I’ve got to know over the years and each day presents new meetings.’

‘All the money generated from League of Friends goes directly back in to the hospital – there are no paid staff, we all give our time freely and feel proud that what we make benefits the hospital and the people who need it.’

‘My most memorable times where when we were awarded the Queens Award for Charities and went to Government House to be presented but also the day we reached our £1,000,000 target – that was such a milestone in our history.’

‘There must be more people out there who would like to volunteer … We all have such a good time, we get on well and as well as helping the hospital we take care of each other too. Great teamwork! Come and join us.’