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Volunteer Voices - Annette


'Throughout my working life I have done some form of voluntary work, alongside my paid hours, but this increased when I retired, 20 years ago. At that time I was living on my own, with plenty of spare time, so decided to use the time by volunteering for several different organisations. Each of these brought me into contact with people I would not otherwise have met, allowed me to learn new skills or to expand on skills I already had, increased my self confidence, brought me new friends and made me feel that I could still somehow be useful.

'The voluntary work that I have done varies from gardening for the National Trust; working  from the Town Hall by shopping for housebound people and helping run Social events; clearing invasive plants for the Jersey Conservation Volunteers; being webmaster or secretary on different Committees; crocheting blankets, etc, etc.

'On my retirement I became a Tour Guide for Jersey Heritage and continue with that on a weekly basis. And my involvement with Heritage has also allowed me to help in many other ways, whether it be mending flags and dressing up costumes, making promotional films, stuffing envelopes for a mail shot or transcribing newspaper articles in Jèrriais. When I become too infirm for being a guide, maybe I shall move to sitting down work at the Archive Centre, who knows.

'There certainly is no reason why anyone should be concerned that, having reached retirement, they are at the end of their useful life. There are a multitude of jobs to be done, to suit your own temperament, whether you prefer working with people, being outdoors, or sitting at a desk somewhere.'