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Volunteer Voices - Chris & Lynda


'I was prompted to volunteer due to my great love of animals. I sit and talk, stroke and play, with cats awaiting their forever homes. We help shy cats to reconnect with people so that they may be rehomed as soon as they are ready.  

'If you are in a position to help, you will come away from the Shelter chilled, relaxed, knowing that you have done your bit to help.'

Chris Le Jehan


'I have always had an interest in animal welfare and then I retired in 2019 so found myself with time to do something I enjoy.

'I volunteer with the cats. This includes ensuring that they have a clean environment and spending time with them if you wish. It’s a nice quiet, calm atmosphere – just what you need on a Monday to start the week.

'Thinking of volunteering? Just try it. The staff are lovely, the atmosphere great and the work leaves you feeling satisfied.'

Lynda Furzer