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Volunteer Voices - Duncan


Duncan Cadman volunteers at Durrell

'Having extensively read Gerald Durrell's books when I was younger and arriving to the Island in 2015 with my wife, I was overjoyed to see a Volunteer advert in Feb 2016, so I joined immediately.

'I empty the collection boxes around the Park, once a month and count the monies and account for the amounts for the Finance Dept. I work in the Gerald Durrell Exhibition, once a week and work as a Leader of the Zoo Rangers occasionally.

'I love working at Durrell's Jersey Zoo, helping the cause (even slightly) of preventing species from extinction and the conservation philosophy in general. The other staff, paid and fellow volunteers, make it a friendly and appreciated experience.

'Give volunteering at Durrell a try, if it isn't for you, try a different area or department, at a time, day and timescale to suit yourself. Volunteers often get positive messages, congratulations and thanks from visitors about the Zoo and animals, which we don't necessarily deserve, but are so nice to receive, which make you want to help more.

'It is my pleasure and honour to wear the Dodo!'