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Volunteer Voices - Evelyn


'As a child I had adults who gave their time so I could learn and have fun outside of school. I just feel it’s right to give something back and make a difference and have fun along the way too.'

Evelyn Langlois became a volunteer when her son joined Beavers. Instead of sitting outside and waiting for him, she decided to go in and help.  She volunteered as a parent helper at the 10th St Brelade Scout Group, moved up to become Assistant Beaver Scout Leader and is now Akela for the Cubs section.

'It’s great to be part of a positive team which does amazing things for our young people. How incredible to be able to help shape young minds to become amazing, positive, resilient, skilled adults.'

Volunteering at Scouts doesn’t have to be a weekly commitment to a Scout Group, there are many roles behind the scenes - some need more experience than others, but it is a real mix - the accountants and the executives play as vital a role as the bacon sandwich maker at camp and the person who’s handy fixing camp equipment.

'I think people are fearful of commitment but if you know your child benefits then think maybe you can benefit too. Whatever time or talent you can spare, you’ll be welcomed. Come along and join in! You’ll make friends, have great fun, learn new skills, help others and be part of an amazing team!'