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Volunteer Voices - Gail


Gail Le Clerq volunteers at Beresford Street Kitchen.

Having visited the Café when it first opened I was drawn to the very friendly environment and fun atmosphere. I help at the front desk in the St Helier branch – I have enjoyed learning many new experiences at my age! Making coffee, taking orders, managing the till and generally being available for what is required and offering support to the crew team  

I have enjoyed being involved with such a great group of people who give their all to the running of the Cafe. I can honestly say I leave feeling very happy having spent time with a great gang of young individuals who help me more than I help them!  

Don’t be put off by wondering if you would be of any help or could take on a new challenge - however small it may be and at whatever age you are, the reward is worth taking the first step.

Offering your time by volunteering and enjoying the experience will only result in bringing pleasure to others, making new friends, and expanding your outlook on life.