Let's help.

Volunteer Voices - Hamish, Janet & Catriona


Hamish Kean, Janet Motto and Catriona Ellery all volunteer at Durrell Wildlife

'I was encouraged to volunteer by a friend of mine who works at Durrell and I am currently helping the membership team.

'Having worked for nearly 50 years in the finance industry, I am enjoying being able to give some time and experience back to the local community and to help the work that Durrell does around the world. My advice - volunteer!'

Hamish Kean


'I am retired so have more spare time and I help with food preparation for the mammal department at Durrell. I get immense satisfaction helping towards looking after, in some small way, endangered species. I'm proud to volunteer for Durrell - just DO IT!'

Janet Motto


'I was prompted to volunteer due to my admiration for the wonderful work that Durrell Wildlife does and a desire to help even if only in a small way. Also, it is a chance to meet new people with shared interests.

'I help when I can with events and education projects. I love it and if I had more time I would like to do more.'

Catriona Ellery