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Volunteer Voices - Kirsty


“Join!  Get involved! Challenge yourself! Learn things about yourself which would have otherwise been left undiscovered!”  

Kirsty Maindonald has been a Scout volunteer since she was 18.  She’d joined the Scouts as a child and carried on her Scouting journey when she went to University in Southampton.  There she helped out at the Royal Navy accredited Sea Scout Troop and when she came back to Jersey in the holidays she volunteered on island too.  When she’s not scouting, Kirsty’s taking care of her exotic pets and riding her motorbike

I currently volunteer at the 2nd Greve d’Azette Scout Troop as a section leader.  It’s challenging and fun and allows me to be creative with the activities and games thought out for the Scouts.”

Kirsty also uses her experience and ability to teach other leaders and promote positive behaviour in a special programme being rolled out through Cubs and Scouts.

I support and encourage the Scouts to develop their initiative and become well rounded individuals in the wider community.  It feels awesome to be able to reward their good behaviour and all of the Scouts get involved and help keep each other on track which builds their self esteem.  My knowledge of behaviour allows me to support the young people, manage their behaviour and build a rapport with the young people.  This is something that makes me feel useful and grateful when I am running the Scout troop”.