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Volunteer Voices - Liz


Liz Lee works at the new Durrel charity shop 


'I work in the charity shop at Durrell Wildlife. I sort out goods that have been donated and put things out on the shop floor. I love the few hours that I do. I am a tidier and so I’m always putting things straight and making them look presentable. I feel part of the team and have always been made to feel welcome. 

'I love the fact that I can be flexible. No one tells you what hours you have to work. I try and do the same times and hours every week but sometimes I just can’t, and thats ok.

'If you have been thinking about doing it just do it even if you can only do a few hours a week. Every little bit counts. If you want to make friends there are lots of opportunities. If you don’t like it there is no obligation to stay.'