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Volunteer Voices - Mary


Mary Burnett volunteers for Health & Community Services.

'Following retirement from the Ambulance Service, as well as finally having a bit more time for myself I also wanted to do something useful that was not about me.

'At first I was located at Overdale, helping visitors find their way around the rather complicated campus and then I moved to the General Hospital. I welcome visitors, ensure they complete track and trace forms and wear plastic aprons and gloves before entering the wards.

'I feel this has been very worthwhile. Many visitors have commented how nice it is to have someone there to help. I have also spent time with visitors who have needed someone to talk to after visiting a patient.

'Volunteering is good for you – it makes life balanced. You meet new people and just feel better by being useful even in a small way. There are so many ways to volunteer however much time you are able to give. I also work with Jersey Samaritans. Volunteering can change your outlook on life for the better.