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Volunteer Voices - Sam


Sam Wiseman is a volunteer of many guises.  Sam to friends, Mrs Wiseman at work and Seal to the 1st Jersey Sea Scouts – she is also a master of multi tasking balancing her daily job as a school secretary at Les Landes Primary with family (she’s a mum of 2) and taking on the responsibilities and role of Group Scout Leader.

 “I have a great deal to thank Scouting for!  I’ve been blessed watching my family grow from Cubs at 8 years old into confident young adults.  During my time as a leader in the Group I have made many friends who are like a second family.  Working with young people and enabling them to reach their potential gives me the greatest reward and often that comes in the guise of a small skill we take for granted yet it makes the world of difference to that young person.”

Sam became an occasional helper when her son Ben joined the group as a Cub and now not only is responsible for the management and development of the young members but is also an active member of the water sports activities team where she’s an instructor.

“If I’m not teaching on the water I can often be found preparing and transporting our kit to the beach, driving a rib or helping to teach young people raft building.  I love getting the group together as our little community shines when we are all working together as a team.”

Lord Baden-Powell the founder of the Scout Movement said “The most worthwhile thing is to try to put happiness into the lives of others” and as a Scout volunteer that holds true for Sam. 

“Volunteering is what you make it.  With Scouting you have the opportunity to give young people a positive start in their journey to becoming independent, confident and considerate adults who want to make a positive difference in the world and their lives. You don’t need to be in a leadership role to be a member, you don’t need to know how to tie knots or have any past Scouting experience .  You probably have more skills to bring along than you realise!”