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Will's Story


Will the Gorilla Man

Amongst the army of happy-to-help Durrell volunteers is Will, a young man whose work has led him down a strange but true path.

‘After losing enthusiasm for the finance industry I left my job unsure of what to do next. Whilst taking time out I decided to volunteer at Durrell. That was three years ago. After one year, a paid role as Customer Liaison Officer came along and I jumped at it but I still can’t get enough of Durrell and on my days off I volunteer in the Great Ape enclosure.

‘It is a privilege to work with the Great Apes. Working closely with experienced keepers I have gained knowledge and experience of my own, even on occasions standing in for keepers when they need to be elsewhere.’

Will also volunteers as a tour guide around Durrell but that’s not all.... Will has another, quite unique, self-made, voluntary role ... Jersey Gorilla!

‘As Jersey Gorilla I’ve found myself a little volunteer niche to raise funds towards a new indoor enclosure for the gorillas and keep fit at the same time. My plan is to run the marathon in full gorilla suit, a plan that is beginning to take shape, so watch out for a gorilla in training - and please do take and share photos and support me where you can. #Jersey Gorilla.

‘There are just not enough hours in the day for me to give the 110% that I’d like to.

I wish someone had told me I could this at 16 ... I would have started sooner!’